In two weeks we’re playing a free outdo

In two weeks we’re playing a free outdoor show for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Brookhaven. Be afraid, be very afraid:…

News Shows Being Added Soon

Hello freaks, we had a blast playing last week at Aisle 5, we’re adding several dates over the next few months. Check back soon!10830619_792384164142753_7644828767438397525_o

Friday, Feb 20th @ Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points, Good Foot Anniversary Party!


Come out and get freaky with us this Friday!

July 11th @ The 529 – more music added!



We’re busy getting ready for our next show in a few weeks at our favorite spot, The 529.  This time we’re playing with the 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, Synthesiz and DJ Jacuzzi Styles have just now been added to the bill!

Should be a really awesome night, we’re working on some new tracks to début and we can’t wait to see you there.

As always, let’s get weird,



Hello House Crashers Fans!

We see you lurking!

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Nearly Done With The Album

Well, it’s taken us over a year to put together but we are nearly done with our first album.  We’ve finished all of the tracking and now we only need to mix a few more songs.  We’re feeling very proud of it, the sound quality is amazing and we can’t wait to share it with you in the next few months.  Stay tuned.ParhelionChair

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Cow Belling!

Back in to Parhelion, putting in work to turn our EP into an LP

Loud ass click track! @grahammarsh_ @heavychevyband

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Swamp Donkey!

Hope you caught us on House Crashers, here is the song we were playing!

Heavy Chevy on House Crashers!

Check out the new improved Heavy Chevy hideout on House Crashers Monday night!

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